The most comprehensive look at leaders’ development gaps and the pathways to improve effectiveness.

How do you navigate our increasingly complicated and volatile world such that you scale new and innovative solutions to complex business, organizational, and global problems? The answer is transformational leadership! Scaling Leadership is the just-in-time guide for those in positions of senior leadership who need to transform their organizations and organizational leaders. Scaling Leadership is an essential guide that offers senior leaders the information needed to develop conscious leadership at scale within their organization.

You are the key to transforming your organization. You do this by mastering and scaling transformational leadership.

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About the authors


bob anderson

Robert J. Anderson has been a pace setter in the field of Leadership Development for over 30 years. He is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Development Officer of The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group and the co-author of Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results. Bob created The Leadership Circle Profile, a 360° assessment used by organizations the world over to measure the effectiveness of their leaders. In 2005, the Stayer Center for Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business awarded Bob the Partner in Innovation Award. The MEECO Leadership Institute awarded him the International Thought Leader of Distinction in 2018.


bill adams

Bill Adams is the co-founder and CEO of Full Circle Group and The Leadership Circle.  Bill has over 30 years of experience as a trusted advisor to CEOs and their teams around the globe.  He partners with leaders to unlock breakthrough performance, develop deep leadership capability/capacity and transformational business results. Bill works with leaders as a leader himself that is learning and growing. Bill co-authored Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business ResultsThe Whole Systems Approach: Involving Everyone in the Company to Transform and Run Your Business (with co-author, Cindy Adams) and The Quest for Quality: Prescriptions for Achieving Service Excellence.

MORE About Scaling Leadership

Scaling Leadership draws on a huge international database of senior leaders providing 360-degree written feedback to fellow senior leaders. Through their written comments to each other, the reader gets to “listen in” as leaders describe the kind of effective leadership that is capable of scale in today’s world and the kind of leadership that is not. Rather than resting on a high-minded theory, Scaling Leadership relies on the words of effective leaders throughout the world as they describe, in compelling detail, what they have learned that works, what does not, and how they have progressed their individual leadership journeys.

• Identify your own personal balance of leadership strengths and weaknesses.

• Scale relationships to amplify effective leadership qualities. 

• Proliferate high achievers in your organization’s leadership structure. 

• Diagnose ineffective leadership and course-correct quickly.

Scaling Leadership distills lessons from successful leaders into a powerful and universal leadership framework that will let you chart your specific path of development. This book will get your attention. It will evoke and provoke you. It will ask you to deeply reflect on your own personal balance of leadership strengths and weaknesses. It will challenge you to evolve your leadership in deep relationship with others and with exceptional integrity.



mastering leadership

Mastering Leadership offers a developmental pathway to bring forth the highest and best use of yourself, your life, and your leadership.  By more meaningfully deploying all of who you are every day, individually and collectively, you will achieve a leadership legacy consistent with your highest aspirations.

  • Breakthrough research that connects increased leadership effectiveness with enhanced business performance

  • The first fully integrated Universal Model of Leadership—one that integrates the best theory and research in the fields of Leadership and Organizational Development over the last half century